Web Conversion Rate Analysis

Turning Visitors into Customers

A high Web Conversion Rate (“WCR”), that is converting website viewers to actual customers, is the ultimate goal of any business. There are numerous key dynamic factors that are in play in the determination of your WCR standing. Digital Mark 360’s Web Conversion Rate Analysis service is your first step toward understanding your situation and toward boosting your company’s WCR – to create more customers.

All of the services that Digital Mark 360 provides are designed to positively impact your Web Conversion Rate:

  • SEOCalibrator™ drives traffic to your website using our proprietary SEO technology
  • Web Branding improvements increases the value-perception of your company in the minds of potential customers
  • Website Design and Functionality enhancements directly effect prospect’s action/reaction responses involved in the conversion process
  • ACALeads™ business leads sourcing fills the prospect reservoir
  • Website Code Quality optimization positively affects algorithmic search engine ranking
  • WCRAnalysis™ report (performed initially) examines, reports and recommends all the ways that we can employ the above tools to potentially effect a higher web conversion rate for you.

In other words: create more customers.

Digital Mark 360's Web Conversion Rate Analysis provides an undeniable competitive edge, providing scientific metrics for guiding necessary remedial actions to increase those vital conversion rates.

Web Conversion Rate Analysis - Key Analytic Factors:

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