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Web Branding is one of the most important components of your online marketing and is a prerequisite to all other marketing activities. It all begins with a serious Web Branding & Marketing Strategy. Like a general marching into battle, your firm needs a strategy. The strategy drives your approach, image and communication – the secret behind success in sales, marketing and conversion rates. With a clear Web Branding & Marketing Strategy in hand you are ready to develop your Web Branding (and subsequent programs).

Without a carefully crafted web-brand, your business will find it difficult to psychologically connect to your audience, be they customers, stakeholders or supporters. A web-brand is both crucial and at the same time it is also misunderstood. Most people think a web-brand is simply the logo and colors on a website’s page, but that barely scratches the surface.
A web-brand is the total online visual expression and experience of your organization. Utilizing the same psychological pathways that humans use to create a first impression of a person they just met based upon the individual’s choice of clothing, personal style, grooming, and body language – your business or organization’s first impression is established in the same way - and your web-brand is one of the primary means by which it is transmitted directly to the perceptual part of the viewer’s brain. This is true whether your business exists solely online or both online and in the physical world.
Web Branding is a powerful tool and Digital Mark 360 creates powerful web-brands that generate success through psychological connectivity.

Online Marketing Services

Web Branding is one component of online marketing. We featured it first because we consider it a prerequisite to other successful online marketing activities and programs. Whether you have us develop a new or updated web-brand for you, or you already have one - here are the primary online marketing services we offer:

  • Web Branding & Marketing Strategy Development
  • Paid Online Marketing
  • Online PR (Articles and Announcements)
  • Branding & Marketing Budget Efficacy Review
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
If you are interested in accelerating the growth of your business, sales and interest in your organization or products - take a moment and contact a member of our Digital Mark 360’s Web Branding & Marketing team. We will work closely with you and your team to create the marketing tools, programs and presence that will most effectively propel your firm to the next level of success in the digital realm.

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