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We are dedicated to transforming the future of business – continuously investing in our network to meet our customers’ demands while imbedding Next Generation technology and digital practices for solutions that last.



Constantly calibrating and recalibrating our innovative and advanced algorithmic technology, SEO Calibrator, allows us to stay head of other SEO companies by monitoring and analyzing all search engine ‘bot’ updates.

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Making your website stand out and reaching your target audience can be very difficult. This is especially true when you are attempting to obtain a top position on the highly competitive Search Engine Results Pages ("SERPs"). Search engine optimization ("SEO") is the best and most efficient way to make your website a success by driving traffic to your website and increasing your brand awareness.

To bring your website to a higher level of optimization, Digital Mark 360 created an innovative, next generation technology, SEOCalibratorSM, that works as a robotic algorithmic analytical in conjunction with the robotic search engine ranking technology (such as Googlebot).

Throughout the years, we’ve witnessed SERPs actively go through various levels of growth spurts. Each year, the typical search engines’ ranking algorithm changes about 500 – 600 times. While most changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a ‘major’ algorithmic update (such as Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Fred) that affects search results significantly.

Our sophisticated system monitors and analyzes search engine ‘bot’ activity nonstop. This information gets transmitted to our data facility, where our software determines the changes Google, and other search engine companies made – allowing us to stay ahead of other SEO companies - creating impressive calibration parameters in real-time for successful SEO updates with notable results for your business.

Although search engines are continuously refining how they rank web pages, two key elements remain which are the foundation for successful Page 1 results: relevancy and authority.

With classic SEO, relevance is determined by keywords and their placement, while authority is determined by the number of quality links that point to that content. Search Engines look at over 200 parameters when evaluating web pages. Our program takes your internet presence to the next level.

With a network of real-time internet sensors and algorithms, our program will put this information at your fingertips – helping to craft a winning SEO strategy. Your company’s SEO approach must be agile, responsive, and consequently, driven by a complete understanding of where your business stands regarding both, search engines and your competition.

Thanks to Google’s ongoing evolution, adaptation has become one of our most prized skills. Through the power of our SEOCalibratorSM, you will be able to expand your company’s reach while remaining connected with your consumers. Furthermore, by effectively using our next generation technology and tools, we are confident that your business will grow exponentially.

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