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Digital Mark 360 is a state-of-the-art digital and social media marketing, design, sales support and business optimization firm providing a convergence of multidisciplinary talents to supercharge the success of your business.

We view business as an ecosystem – with all elements working together. Our services cover the full spectrum of these elements. We have, for example, developed our own proprietary software algorithms to intelligently customize data acquisition to your specific business. An example would be acquiring ‘hot’ real-time leads aligned with your firm’s sales and marketing strategy (not just typical generalized industry leads). Our system monitors the ‘freshness’ of each lead and discards the stale ones automatically before delivering them to your team.

We also craft other critical ‘ecosystem’ elements such as marketing strategies, campaigns, brand design, web presence and implementation with a carefully calibrated approach. The result is a customer-compelling experience that positively drives sales, brand perception, market share and sales to a higher level.


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